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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Basement Update

I wish that said "BABY Update," but it doesn't so we'll just have to make the best of it.  I've even put off posting for a few days, in hopes of having a baby report, but with the exception of Blair, all the Kolstes seemed destined for lateness.
So, since I can't post any newborn pictures, I thought I could show you what Aaron has been up to down in the basement.  We used to have the yellow room.  This as a barbecue.  Yep, and the former owners actually cooked with it.  In the basement.  In fact, the last time they used it they even cooked up some mice who didn't get out in time.  At least that's the only way we can explain the mummified corpses Aaron found during the demolition.
Since we had absolutely ZERO intention of ever lighting so much as a match in that monstrosity, Aaron got to take a sledge hammer to it as part of this project.  If I wasn't quite so pregnant I might have enjoyed a little hammer swinging myself.
I would not have enjoyed carrying buckets of masonry up the steps to haul away to the dump, but Ian and Brynn did, so Aaron let them help.  I wonder at what age they will realize that manual labor isn't supposed to be fun?
It's amazing how removing that brick "thing" changed the whole room.
With the barbecue out of the way, Aaron turned his attention to the walls, with some crack patching.
Once again, Little Buddy got in on the action.
I'll keep you posted on the progress, since I hear good things about the window getting framed, but I really hope my next post includes baby pictures.

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Jessica said...

I couldn't believe how having that monstrosity gone really opened up the room. Little Buddy sure is learning a lot of skills.