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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Annual Family Camping Trip

This past weekend we went on our annual camping trip with my sister's family.  We drove across the state of Wisconsin to Wyalusing State Park.  This was our ninth year camping together, but our first time at this park.  It was certainly worth the drive.
 We had a new tent this trip (the Taj-ma-tent went the way of all hard-used discount manufacturer tents).  It is smaller then our old tent, but we all fit just fine and as a bonus it was pretty quick to set up and take down.
 As with all good camping trips, there were plenty of campfires and tasty snacks.
 These are Aaron's famous "Biscuits on a stick" where you take a tube of Pillsbury biscuits and wrap each one around a stick and roast it.  The idea has been modified over the years and now they get made on pudgy-pie makers and frying pans.
 We also eat marshmallows - cold and hot
 and stuffed into s'mores.
 Along with just camping, we like to tour the area we are visiting.  This year we saw Prairie du Chien, and we visited a Victorian Mansion called Villa Louis.  It was actually fairly kid friendly, and we got to see how the rich and famous lived in the 1890s.
 Of course we brought snacks.
 After the mansion tour we got to choose from two options: visit a fort or walk along the Mississippi River and check out some gardens.  Brynnie and I and Tandis chose the second option (we brought the babies with us too).
 Then we wrapped up the days' adventures by swimming in Ol' Muddy.
 Sunday started off with more yummy camp food: BACON!!!
 After taking down our camp, we went for a hike to Big Sand Cave.
 We had great fun exploring the area "behind the waterfall" which wasn't very deep or dark,
 but was just right for pint-sized explorers.
 There was even a great family photo opportunity - check it out: everyone looked at the camera!
 Then it was back on the not-stroller-friendly trail so that we could get to our dwindling food supply and make our final meal of the trip.
 Hamburgers, of course.
 Then we hit the road for home.  
Happy camping, everyone!

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Denise Hauge said...

Hehehe! I LOVE all your adventures. You embolden me to adventure with even tiny family members :-D

Denise Hauge said...

And also...bacon!!!! <3

~ Tandis ~ said...

It was a beautiful weekend. :)

@Denise, Teach her young!! :)

Margo said...


Jessica said...

It all looks so fun. Maybe some day I will actually try and organize one for the whole family.

Dana said...

@Mom - you really should. Every year I want to just camp for a week at Kohler-Andrae and invite everyone. Then whoever shows up, either for the whole time or for just a day, can join the festivities. It hasn't happened yet, but I keep hoping.