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Friday, August 23, 2013

Making Charts - Not Fun Projects

I think I sleep-walked through the last three weeks.  The last time I checked the calendar it was July and I had plenty of time to get my summer list finished.  Now it is nearing the end of August and I am in a bit of a panic to fit it all in - fun stuff and chores both!

I'll start with the chores.  I decided to implement a new set of chore assignments BEFORE the new school year starts, so that the system will be firmly in place on the first day of school (HEY, stop snorting and laughing at me.  Just because I hope and dream does NOT make me delusional).
 Since I was on a roll with charts, I also made up a school schedule for Ian.  He has several once-a-week subjects and workbooks this year, so he and I both need a way to keep track of them.
When I haven't been busy organizing homeschool curriculum and schedules, I have been mostly occupied with household things.  Things like:
Laundry (never ending  - and who needs to buy extra laundry baskets when Aldi has free banana boxes? Nerdy?  Yep, that's me.),
washing dishes (this inspired some of the new chore assignments),
weeding (I actually enjoy that and wish I could trade it for the dishes and laundry),
and scraping and painting some of the exterior wood around the house (it's slow going).
 My kids don't feel the same end-of-summer pressure that I feel and have been doing their own thing at their own relaxed pace.
Ian doing his sketching for one of his 4-H projects
Brynn found out writing worksheets were fun!
Blair is rather fond of the kiddie pool
Ian found chapter books - and occasionally has to be banned from reading
and forced to go outside and play.
Cam likes things with wheels.
Cam also likes Lake Michigan and graham crackers.
The girls enjoy the beach too!
Happy end of summer, everyone!

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