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Thursday, August 29, 2013

You'll "Feel-Awful" If You Don't Try this Falafel.....

This week I have been trying to finish the annual task of scraping the wood trim around our windows and touching up the paint.  It is an attempt to keep the windows hanging on to the house for another year or two until it is time to replace them.  In some places the wood is about to give up the ghost, and as it turns out quite a bit of caulking needs to be done (the former owner used caulk for many non-traditional purposes, and when his caulk gives out there really isn't any alternative but to put new caulk back in.  Another reason to be happy for future new windows attached with proper fasteners...but I digress, as I often do when discussing house projects) so this project is taking longer then I originally hoped.  What else is new?  However, posting about paint and caulk drying is no more exciting then watching the paint and caulk dry, so instead I will share a cooking adventure.

Ever since I visited the country of Israel during my senior year of high school, I have remembered how good Falafel tasted.  But, I live in Smalltown Midwestern United States, and it isn't readily available around here.  I tried making it myself, once, but decided that I needed to learn how to deep fry before I learned how to deep fry Falafel.  Then I signed up for Pinterest, and low and behold, recipes for BAKED Falafel become readily available.  I may not be able to manage deep frying, but I can manage baking.  These were yummy.  Not quite how I remember them, but passable.
 Then I decided I might as well try for some homemade pita bread, too.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found a fool-proof recipe.  The outside looked okay.....
 but no pocket.  I think I didn't roll them out thinly enough in the final step.  Just an FYI - making pita is not really a quick or easy process.  Still, the yumminess should make up for the time.  Or you could just buy them from the store.  I'll probably choose that route next time.
 Combining the two elements, along with lettuce, hummus, tomato and cucumber (most of which my kids rejected) made a tasty sandwich.  I had seconds.
Her face tells you how well a strange new Mediterranean food went over with the junior members.  "Maaa-ommmm, it just isn't very tasty."  Humph.
 Oh well, more leftovers for me.

Happy baking, everyone!


Jamie said...

Oooh, yum! I also found a pita pocket recipe on Pinterest and had good success - I've actually made them quite a few times. If only I remembered what board I pinned them to! It's kinda fun to watch them puff up like a balloon in the oven.

Jessica said...

I wouldn't mind trying one if you have any left. :)

Dana said...

@Jamie ~ Does your recipe require making the dough a day ahead of time? If not, I might start searching your boards.
@Jessica ~ Sorry, bread - even unpuffed - has no shelf life at our house.

Jamie said...

This is the recipe I used -