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Monday, August 19, 2013

 Today was a big day in the life of my son.  Throughout the summer, he has been busily working on three projects to exhibit at our county fair, and today was Judging Day.  This is his first year in 4-H (as a Cloverbud) and he has been waiting as patiently as a six-year-old can for the fair to arrive.  

He entered a leaf collection sketch/scrapbook,
a Lego car,  
 and a hand-print stepping stone.
 He was very nervous as the interview started, but in the end he handled it just fine - characteristically taking over at one point.
 He was quite pleased to receive three ribbons, although he wished they were single colors without pink (Cloverbuds don't get place rankings, just participation ribbons).  It looks like he might be following in my projecting ways!
 To celebrate, we had supper in the park.  Mmmmm, brats.
Happy 4-H Judging Day, everyone!


Jamie said...

Well done, Ian! What a fun way to celebrate, too!

naomi said...

Hi Dana! I'm here from cup of jo . . . and just wanted to thank you for being a winsome voice of reason in the comment section :)

Dana said...

Thanks Naomi - I'm glad you found me. I thought your post was great and it amazes me how people can find a minor issue (for the point of the article, not for life) and be so nasty about it.