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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Little Helper

I have my sewing machine out again, with the customary stack of sewing and fixing projects ranged around it.  Poor Brynnie has been waiting a long time for her most recent dress but I just can't seem to get it done.  This time the sticking point is the hem of the dress.  Instead of simply hemming it, the pattern instructs me to make my own bias tape (they provide a pattern and instructions) and this intimidates me, so I pause.....

In the interim, I agreed to do a sewing job for a co-worker of Aaron's.  It seemed a fairly straight-forward job - just cut and hem some strips of fabric that were going to be put to various decorative purposes.  Unfortunately, the fabric proved to be less then fun to work with, and what should have been a quick cut-press-sew job started to take a long time.  Usually I sew during naptimes or at night, when kids are quiet and asleep and unable to pull my steam iron down on their own heads, but my deadline was approaching and that method wasn't gonna work.  I sent the three big kids outside and tried to find ways to entertain Cam.

First: Play dough - Good for 10 minutes 
 Second: Sensory Bin - Not even long enough for a picture.
(In case you are wondering, Sensory Bins are all the rage for proper toddler development.  Maybe I didn't read enough blogs on the subject, but basically you put something textural - I used rice and dried beans - and let the toddler "feel" it and play with it.  I put my stuff into a pie pan and muffin tins.  I was pretty sure it wasn't gonna work, but you never know until you try, right?  Since I didn't even get a picture of the event, I will leave it to your imagination to figure out what happened.  Let's just say I stepped on a lot of rice and beans for the next few hours.)

Third: Tupperware Cupboard - Good for 10 minutes, plus another 10 minutes for the snack.
 Fourth: Lunch - good for 40 minutes - only because I dragged it out and made him really mad as he waited for his food.
 Fifth: Naptime - Good for two hours.  Whew - I made it just in time.
Now I need to get back to that dress.
Happy sewing, everyone!

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Denise Hauge said...

Awwww. Lucky hes such a sweetie;-). I think thats one of the biggest changes that Im tying to get used to as a mom- no big chunks of time to get stuff done. Its especially tough with writing! It takes a lot of effort to "get in the zone" and then I lose it ten minutes later to respond to the peanut. <3 Loving motherhood!;-)

Dana said...

It's true - managing time becomes more difficult. That is one reason I insist on an "early" bedtime. My kids all go to bed around 7:30 partly because they need that long block of rest, but also because I need time! It's difficult with a baby, but it was my goal. Naptimes too - people say "sleep when your baby sleeps" but I'm more of a "the baby is asleep it's GO time!" kinda person.