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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sewing for Brynnie

I've realized over the past few days that the (slowly) approaching arrival of Baby #4 has gotten me into the nesting mood.  It might also be the Spring Cleaning Bug, since the weather has been so warm, but in either case, a greater amount of nook-and-cranny-cleaning has been going on then is exactly normal.  My poor kids! 
Along with this pressing need to clean has come a desire to get my project table emptied just a bit.  Brynnie has been the first beneficiary of this goal, mostly because projects for her were at the top of the stack.

#1: A new hat to replace the one she lost while Christmas Tree shopping.  (That in itself should be an indicator of how warm this winter has been.)  This hat is a modification of some hats I made last year based on a pattern from the Martha Stewart website.  Brynn calls it her "Fireworks Hat."
#2: A new hooded towel.  Pink, of course, as no other color will do.
Do you know what the sad part is?  My project table was starting to look wonderfully bare, and then I had to go down in the basement and start organizing, packing, and moving all the stuff from the School Room so that Aaron can begin working on it (see previous post).  Wouldn't you know, I found all sorts of stuff that needs doing, and now my project table is worse then ever! 

Oh well, this baby will probably be late anyway......

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Jessica said...

I love the hat, the fabric is really cute.