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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Have you ever tried to explain what homework is to a home schooled child?  They look at you a little funny when you tell them it is schoolwork that they do when they get home from school.  On Thursday, Ian had his first experience with "homework." 
Did you know that March is "National Nutrition Month" (better question: Did you care)?  Well, it is, so this month for Social Studies we have been learning about food - where it came from, the differant types, how God made each type to fit the different needs of our bodies - stuff like that.  This week, I thought Ian could help me MAKE a well-rounded and healthy meal.  My secret wish was that by helping to make it, I might be able to get him to try some new items.  Hah!  Sometimes I live in a dream world.
Here is the budding chef making meatballs - he enjoyed squishing all the raw ingredients with his hands.
Here is the full meal:
Green Beans (veggie) - you can tell it isn't a favorite by the portion size
Garlic Bread (carbohydrate) - he loves it like his Daddy, but only one piece unless he eats everything else
Spaghetti and tomato sauce (carbs and veggie) - by the amount you know he likes it.
Meatball (protein) - that was the "new thing" and that sad meatball got barely a nibble before being rejected on unknown grounds.
Oh well, he had fun making it, he learned a few new words, and he got to slurp a lot of noodles.  Not bad for a homework project!


Jessica said...

Great homework idea. In her geography class Tandis is doing regional food with the girls. Vermont is Ben and Jerry's ice cream.... :)

MommaMindy said...

my silly house trained kids always WANTED homework....

Aaron said...

I noticed I am eating Ian's homework for lunch... I thought only dogs ate homework!

amalison said...

hahaha Aaron....Dana, once again you are giving me inspiration for school, and for Kendra's picky eating habits.