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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baking Day

Yesterday, I was inspired by a picture I saw posted on Facebook. A friend of mine had taken a picture of some of her baking - Cinnamon Scones to be exact - and they looked so yummy I decided to give scones a try myself. I decided to use my favorite ingredient too:

They turned out really yummy, so I'd call that baking project success.


I also tried something else new this past month. I was reading Better Homes and Gardens and they talked about "forcing branches" - which is cutting branches from trees and getting them to bud inside the house. So, a few weeks ago, when the weather was like this:

I went outside and cut some branches from some flowering trees we have. They are annoyingly placed trees, but we keep them because of their spring flowers. Then, you put them in a warm shower before wrapping them in plastic:

After a few days (or weeks), the buds start to swell and even pop. That's when you take them out of the plastic and arrange them around your house. It's like fake spring! This is my best branch so far:


~ Tandis ~ said...

Busy day! ;) wow, forcing branches? Impressive.

Jessica said...

I had been wondering about the spare sticks I'd seen sitting in vases around your place. Figured you were up to something.