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Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Day By Ourselves

Yesterday was supposed to be Project Day. Our projecting buddies had fevers, however, so we had to project by ourselves.
Brynnie doesn't think that is as much fun.

Ian thinks maybe we get more done this way!

We decided on a pretty simple project to do without our friends. We painted little cardboard "treasure boxes" with metallic acrylic paint. After the paint was dry, we cut shapes out of scrapbook paper: Ian cut out dinosaurs and Brynn got butterflies.

Then we used Mod Podge to stick the shapes to the boxes and give the finished product a protective coat.
Thankfully, I like storage containers, because I am learning the kids can NEVER have too many treasure boxes.


Jessica said...

For Cute! Grammies like storage boxes too, if a need for a gift ever arises.....

Bassett said...

Wow does Brynn ever look like the cute little kids illustrated in the Eloise Wilkins books. She's a beauty!
Nice project! It seems kids do love those little boxes. =)

~ Tandis ~ said...

We were very sad to miss :(
Ian is right... we add chaos.
Sweet Brynn.

Jamie said...

Sorry we ended up opting out of the morning. It was a bad morning and I was far too crabby to have made good company :( Cute project though!

Dana said...

Jamie - there is a reason my face rarely shows up in these posts...

Jamie said...

I think Ian just doesn't like being so horrifically outnumbered by females. It's just safest for him in nobody else comes ;). As always, adorable project and even more adorable children :).