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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brynnie Requested Princess Hats

We haven't had Project Day for a while because first there were a lot of icky germs and then there was Spring Break. The kids missed each other though, so despite some remaining symptoms (we had Kleenex handy) we decided that we would still get together and do a project.

Brynn had requested a "Princess Hat" a few days ago, so with some poster board, markers, glue and glittery craft foam, we all made princess, king, and queen crowns.

We grown-ups decided that glittery craft foam was a much better option then real glitter and glue. The cleaning up part of the project was so much nicer.

Mia, the decider of project goodness or badness, gave this one a "Thumbs Up"


~ Tandis ~ said...

Great project! Good idea Brynnie. :)

Jessica said...

Look at Brynnie's hand in her photo. She looks like such a dainty worker. Molly got all dressed up for the occasion in her wedding dress, I see.

Aaron said...

Why reinvent the wheel? Go to Burger King, enjoy a whopper, get a free crown... the most awesome and easily identifiable crown in the world...