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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Gotta Brag On My Husband a Bit!

Today I was thinking that I post a lot of my own projects and also a lot of things I do with my kids, but I don't very often post about my husband's projects. Considering the house we have, that is a serious dereliction of duty. Since the weather got cold and the ground froze, Aaron has switched his attention to the inside of our foundation. Since he fixed all our water problems we can make the basement pretty. Well...I don't think our basement will ever be pretty, but it can at least be clean and practical and useful.
He's been working on things like this:

And this:
I have been told that ^ was NOT up to code.
He also totally reworked the laundry station so that the washer and dryer are separated by only inches instead of yards. He also fixed it so that the dryer vents to the outside instead of the basement. Hurrah!
He also spent a lot of time grinding the cracked mortar out from between the cement blocks so that he could tuck-point it before putting on a nice coat of white (not puke green) paint.

Thanks Aaron, you do good work!


Jessica said...

He's a wonderful man, but you will have to tell him in person since he shuns computer-networking.

~ Tandis ~ said...

(He reads blogs sometimes) ;)

I'm amazed with all the work Aaron has done to your home. :D