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Friday, March 4, 2011

Still Trying to Get Caught Up

Well, our 2011 vacation is fast approaching, and I still haven't finished scrapbooking the 2010 one. I refuse to be more then a year behind on my photo albums, so I have taken over the kitchen table until this thing is done. It's made for some creative "Tea Party" lunches and "Picnic" lunches, but I am making progress!

Once I get going, it doesn't take so long. It's the set-up time and clean-up time that takes so long!
To keep my kids busy - in reality to keep them from "helping",
I decided to let them paint. On the floor.
Call me crazy (you won't be the first), but it worked.
There actually wasn't that much damage done. Just a few streaks of paint and a few splatters.
Since it was water paint, it cleaned right up.
Doesn't my daughter fit the the rather eccentric style of real artists?


~ Tandis ~ said...

I can't wait to see it done!
My scrapbooks are years behind but I look at them over and over again once a page is done. I should get to it with all my basement space. Hmm... you've inspired me. A page or two a day but if I could leave it all set up downstairs maybe it would get done? I'm almost kinda excited.

Brynn is hilarious! Love the mismatched shoes from Auntie :)

Jessica said...

Brynn is not only eccentric, but also eclectic. I expect great things from her!

Dana said...

Tandis - it's really true - if you don't have to move the scrapbooking stuff, you can really make actual progress! Do it!

Amy said...

I see her hair is done up again... good job Dana! :) And I'm loving the two different shoes too!

I'm a year behind with my wedding photos.... 377 days to be exact. I literally have empty frames hung on the walls.... it's supposed to "remind" me! ha! They won't be there when you arrive for your 2011 vacation, I promise! :)

Good job with the photo books!

Jamie said...

Ha! Amy, it's been nearly 3 years since I got married and I STILL have an empty spot in a collage frame for our wedding pictures. I also still haven't scrapbook-ed our wedding pictures. Ugh.