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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This One is For My Mom

We used to have steps down to our basement that were just a little rickety.

We would joke that people who were getting "the tour" should walk down the steps one at a time, so the whole staircase didn't collapse. My Mom didn't think this was funny at all. Aaron has been working away down in the basement and the time arrived to put in new steps.

So, a few days ago our good friend, "Mr. Chris", came over to give Aaron a hand with this project.

Here he is, down in the hole.

I don't know how he got any work done, with Ian's constant questions and chatter, but soon a new, sturdy staircase began to appear where the old one had been.

Aaron helped too, of course.

The final touch was a second railing, lower then the first, so that Brynnie (and other small children) can get up and down more easily. There you go Mom, you can breath easily once again.


~ Tandis ~ said...

I like the low rail. :)

Jessica said...

I've never had a blog written just for me before. Just when I thought nobody ever listened to me...