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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Window Decorations

With February over, it was time to take down the Valentine's Day decorations. Since we've had some sort of decorations up since October (fall leaves, then Christmas, then winter snowflakes, and finally Valentine's Day), the house seemed just a little bare. I hung up my spring wreath on the front door, but that was only visible from the outside. The hint of spring was in the air, but I needed it inside my house.
So, I dug deep into my project archive.
This is a Rose Window. It is a circular stained-glass window from some famous European cathedral. I can't make real rose windows, but I can make my own, much easier, version.

A few years ago, my Mom bought me this kit. It came with the instruction book, variously sized cardstock rings, and squares of tissue paper. They make GREAT spring window decorations.
First you cut the tissue paper (5 sheets in various colors) into circles slightly smaller then the rings. The foundation piece gets glued to the rings and then the other pieces get folded in half
four times.
Next, you arrange the wedges in order from light to dark (for most designs) and draw on the design. This pattern makes a rounded flower shape. Then you cut each wedge along the line and open the circle back up.
Then you stack the rings onto the foundation, gluing each layer down and making sure you line up the creases.
Last, you glue on the top ring.
They look really neat when you stick them on the window.
Oh, and for the scraps you cut out, you can layer them (putting a dot of glue in the center) for a cute flower shape.
It's a fun way to bring Spring a little sooner.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Beautiful! almost looks like something I could do.

Dana said...

You sure could, and I'll even loan you the book. However, I am almost out of the tissue paper, so you'd have to get your own.

~ Tandis ~ said...

No, don't loan me your book. =/ I'm terrible at actually sitting down to do a project and you may never get your book back. =/ Terrible fault of mine. I'll just follow your blog :)

Jessica said...

When I gave you the book I had foolish notions of all of us getting together to create our own. Silly old me; you probably lived in Illinois at the time.

Dana said...

Well, I'm not in Illinois anymore. Get yourselves some tissue paper and cardstock and I'll be there with my book.

Bassett said...

Similar idea and much less time consuming than my transparent window stars. But I think you'd like those too. Sometime we should go on a sisters retreat up to whats-his-face's cabin and bring all kinds of projects along. =)

Jessica said...

to Sonja I say Hmph!