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Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Day for Jeta

I haven't had time until today to blog about last week's project day.
I think my youngest may be working on a project of her own: teeth.
She used to nap beautifully and entertain herself on the floor, but for the past few days she has demanded a little more attention. Thankfully she settled down for a really good nap this afternoon, and I got caught up on a few things.
That brings me back to Project Day.
My sister offered to host again, since her usual Valentine's Day Party got pushed aside by a new baby this year. I thought it would be fun to have the kids make something special for the new baby, so I bought some fleece and cut it into 8 ten inch squares. Then I sewed them together two at a time (with a 2" seam allowance) and then cut the allowance into a fringe.
The idea was for the kids to knot the fringe, and then the pieces would be sewn together and knotted again to make a 12x12" "Taggie".
My notion of the kids' ability to knot fleece was rather inflated, and only Mia had any interest in the project. She diligently knotted away!

Ellie wanted to help, but was satisfied to color instead.

I finally finished the project today. This picture shows the top, and there is an identical piece for the bottom. I sewed those two pieces together inside-out, and then reversed it.
I hope Jeta enjoys it.

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~ Tandis ~ said...

Jeta will :) Thanks!!

Ian apparently didn't know we were doing the project while they were in the basement playing. When I went to get them for lunch he asked "when's the project." When I told him we were done and having lunch he got mad. I think the anger dissipated by the time he got upstairs though as I didn't hear a word about it from him.