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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Preparations

My third sister is getting married on Saturday. I feel a little out of the loop because with three little kids I haven't been able (or allowed) to help much in the planning and preparation part. I was responsible, however, to get the matching dresses and vests made for my little kids (It has become tradition for all the cousins to match at these events). For some reason, I had a hard time getting this done. See here and here.
Thankfully, I finally finished the last outfit on Tuesday. I had finished the actual dress the week before, but the slip that I had inherited to wear under it was too long, so I finally got around to shortening it. For some reason, I made several very stupid mistakes on this easy project, but eventually I got it right. Well.....right enough that I am not going to change it again.
Here it is:
(Poor Brynnie was sinking fast from a cold when I made her try her ensemble on.)

Now I just need to do a little ironing on the grown-up clothes....yuck.


Jamie said...

She's even cute when she's sick :-) It will be fun to see a flock of matching girls running around on Saturday!

Jessica said...

I invested in a steamer and it works! Margo's dress will be wrinkle-free (well, mostly because nothing's perfect). I proclaim that I shall never iron again! What a great $25.00 investment.

MommaMindy said...

A steamer? What is a steamer? I have to iron 2-3 hours a week because my husband wears dress clothes to work. Let me in on the secret, puhlease!

The clothes are adorable. You did a fantastic job. I can hardly wait to see pics of the wedding.