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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day

Two days ago we had another snowstorm here, so when Project Day rolled around it was only fitting that we make snow men, before going outside and sledding in the backyard.

We stacked progressivly smaller styrofoam balls on top of each - with a bamboo skewer through the middle - to make the bodies. Twigs were stuck in for the arms and push-pins for the noses.
Then we glued on buttons and fabric scraps for accessories.
NOTE: Tacky glue was NOT a good choice for this project. I'd try hot glue next time.
The finished men:

1 comment:

~ Tandis ~ said...

They are cute! Ours didn't commute home too great and will need a visit to the hot-glue-doctor before they are displayed.

Mia was pretty bummed to leave Ian's emergency toys. She just added them to her birthday list which is already a mile long. =/