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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Countdown: 11 & 10

Due to technical difficulties yesterday I couldn't post, so today you get two valentines for the price of one. I don't feel very badly about it though, since yesterday's surprise was a little lame (we have also had sickness in the house, so my time to sit and figure out something good was limited.)
I found these little fold-up boxes in my stash of wrapping paper, and inserted the Pez Dispensers that Grandpa Kevin keeps stocked.
Ian announced that his box looked like a box for french fries.
For today's surprise, I had a little more time (and had made a trip to Walmart for supplies) to do something really fun. Thank you FamilyFun Magazine for this idea.
My kids like dragons - I don't know why - but they frequently have conversations with the large ones that are banned to the outside so that little imaginations don't keep themselves up all night.
I thought these seemed safe enough.
These dragons only took me about 20 minutes each to make.

(The cup was so I didn't have to jab my hand in order to keep the layers apart.

My "final product" picture was pretty terrible (try taking a picture of your left hand while holding your camera in your right hand!), so here's the one from FamilyFun.

We have been experiencing random dragon flights all morning, so I guess they were a hit.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Jessica said...

How cute! You are setting the bar high for the future....