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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Countdown: 13

For day 2 of the countdown to Valentine's Day I decided to go candy free. I was browsing through blogland and found a fun idea here: felt "watches."
I'd post her pretty picture here, but my internet is being wonky today and won't open her site so you'll have to be satisfied with my slightly blurry photos.
All you need is a few scraps of felt, tacky glue, and velcro.
(The white strips in the picture are the velcro)

Cut out the pieces and then glue them together.
Make sure you put one half of the velcro on the top side and one on the bottom, so that when you wrap the strap around your wrist the pieces meet up.

The finished product (too small for my wrist).
Happy Valentine's Day!


~ Tandis ~ said...

OK! I am laughing at you now! You have turned into me... blogging and surfing blog land and then writing blogs! ALSO, you know how to sew, why are you felting? Leave the felting projects for those of us who can't sew! :) :) :) :) JK JK JK JK!!! SO CUTE though! We have Daddy home today so we're doing "work" projects like school and painting. =/ Not fun stuff but I bet Mia would love the watches. Maybe later today...

Jessica said...

Hahaha, maybe Dana can sew, but Ian cannot. Yet. He was questioning me about my tools the other day, though, so maybe he'll be a tailor during breaks from fire-fighting, soldiering, blazing trails, scuba-diving, parachuting, and bull-dozing.