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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She's Getting So Big, Part 2

This project started a few weeks ago when I started giving Brynn her naps in the toddler bed in Ian's room. I wasn't sure when we were going to go the rest of the way and have her start sleeping in there too, but yesterday turned out to be the day.
One of the things that had been holding me back was that I didn't have a little girl blanket to put on the bed. Of course I could have left Ian's fire truck and police car blanket on the bed but I really wanted it to be special for Brynn. Then, on Sunday, my Mom told me that JoAnn Fabrics was having a HUGE (70% off) sale on fleece. I just happened to have enough cash to buy 4 yards of fabric!
So, on Monday we ventured out and bought the fabric.
Then, I actually had enough time to sew it together.
It seemed like the time had come.

For the rest of the day, I really focused on Brynnie being a "Big Girl" and needing to sleep in a "Big Girl Bed."
She was eating it all up.
We did "Big Girl" things together like
mashing bananas for banana bread.

We even decorated fancy posters to put up around "The Big Girl Bed."
Seven o'clock arrived and we went through the bedtime routine, with only one change:
She laid down to sleep in the "Big Girl Bed" instead of the "Baby Crib."
To say that she was excited would be the mildest of understatements.
Maybe I had hyped this just a little too much.....uh oh.
I decided to not intervene with what happened in the newly shared bedroom for one hour, unless the activity extended outside the bedroom. There was lots of yelling and dancing around, and certainly no sleeping.
At 8:45, Ian started getting frustrated: "Mommy, Brynnie keeps waking me up."
Then the escapes started occurring. "Mommy, Brynnie won't stay in bed."
At 9:00 I decided the time had come to take SERIOUS action: I turned out the nightlight.
There was crying and pleading, which I ignored.
Then, suddenly, it was 9:45 and I realized there was quiet. I waited another fifteen minutes and then went in to see if Brynnie was sleeping, and if so, which spot she had chosen. I sort of expected to find both of the kids on the floor together. To my surprise, they were each sound asleep in their own beds.
But we'll see how tonight goes.


Amy said...

Wow Dana, that's just about a best case scenario! I told Josh at dinner that you were doing that last night and he was like, Ummm - Good luck Dana (with loads of sarcasm). Coming from a couple that doesn't have kids, we thought the worse and are so glad that things went relatively well! We will pray for tonight too :)

Dana said...

With Ian it took TWO WEEKS, so I'm rather surprised myself. We'll see if the success continues.

MommaMindy said...

The blanket turned out adorable. No wonder she loves her special bed. Of course, loving the new bed doesn't necessarily mean she loves going to sleep in it, but that will come later.

Funny how your "big girl" is so young compared to our family, and our "little girl" is really so old compared to your family. She's 8 years old. :)

You were very wise to give them an hour without intervention. All change takes time to adjust. I could imagine their little giggles and escapades. What fun.

~ Tandis ~ said...

You are such a good Mommy :) Good ideas to hype the big girl idea.