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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Day 14

I think making things for my kids is one of the best parts of being a mom - especially for birthdays and Christmas. This year, though, I didn't come up with as many ideas as usual to make - maybe that's because there is no way I can mold plastic into legos or make tea party pancake flippers. However, I did come up with a few ideas, and this is one of them:

As baby number three, Blair really doesn't need more toys (or maybe I just don't want more noisy, cluttery, annoying baby toys) or even many clothes. The few things she does need got passes along to Grandmas looking for ideas, so I was left thinking "It's a good thing she's only one, because she is going to have NOTHING to open on Christmas morning." Then, I got addicted to Pinterest, and found millions of ideas for busy books, so I got motivated to make Blair one of her own.
Here are a few of the pages (made from felt):

A zipper pocket on one side, to hold the pieces of a rainbow on the other side:

Huge buttons with button-hole flaps on the left and a clock with moveable hands on the right:I made each page on an individual piece of felt, so I didn't have to worry about how the back looked. Then, I zig-zagged two pages back-to-back. I guess my sewing machine doesn't like felt, because at one point, in protest, pieces inside came out and I thought I had destroyed my machine. I stared at it for a while, tried to imagine what my Dad would do in this situation, and somehow managed to pop everything back into place. WHEW! What a relief.

Late last night I bound all the pages together by hand.

Merry Christmas Blair!

Merry Christmas Everyone Else!


Jamie said...

Love it! One of these was on my list of things to make for Ellie for a long time...and it never made it to the top of that list =/ Well done!

Jessica said...

What a cute book! Blair, as well as Brynn, will love it. You sure do nice work, too!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Very cute! I'll be working on Jeta's on Saturday. Pinterest will make Blair and Jeta into smart little kids. Hehehe. I'm doing a bead page too and a button one. I have to add a "barn" to mine to encourage Jeta into her older sibling's favorite past time. Hers will hopefully get done by Christmas... otherwise it's her birthday. :)