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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Day 15

Yikes! Is it the 15th ALREADY? Slow and steady is going to have to crank up the pace just a bit here!

Today I worked on a little bit of this and a little bit of that - some of that slow and steady stuff. Then, these two desperadoes helped me make some Mexican Wedding Cakes. I should have taken an "After" shot, because the amount of powdered sugar sprinkled around the kitchen made it look like it had snowed inside the house, if not outside. But hey, when one black-hatted and one green-bandanad (how should I spell that?) characters show up offering assistance, you let them assist however they want.

Merry Christmas!


Jessica said...

Surprise! I was expecting Brynnie and it was a boy! Must be the famous Jace.

Bassett said...

I was expecting Brynn too! What a cute kid! Where'd you pick him up?

MommaMindy said...

Dana, could you and your whole family just move to WA? You are amazing. I used to be you, now I can barely get anything done. :)

You are making such a special life for your kids, cousins and inspiring people like me to keep making memories. Keep on!