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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Days 8-12

YIKES!! What in the world happened to the past few days? Here I was planning to be so dedicated and write something about our doings every day, and an entire weekend (and then some) came and went without a word. Oh well, that is sort of how the whole "getting ready for Christmas" thing seems to go every year. So, I'll just give you an ultra brief run down of a few of our activities.
DAY 8 (Thursday):
I sewed like crazy to make something to wear to Aaron's work Christmas party on Day 9. Being pregnant during Christmas is not so much fun!

DAY 9 (Friday):
I finally finished my outdoor decorations, copying somebody else's idea. I used a red planter and turned a tomato cage upside-down (Helpful hint: Put something heavy in the bottom of the planter so that the wind doesn't tip it over during the next several days).

Then I wrapped the structure in Christmas lights and garland, tied a red ribbon on top, and set it outside next to my front door. I had already put garland and lights over the door and on the railings, so with the addition of a few red lanterns, my decorating was complete. DAY 10 (Saturday):
And let me tell you, in case you wondered, even the tiniest piece of fudge causes a massive spike in blood sugar. But oh, was it worth it.
This is all that is left of that batch (on Day 12):
DAY 11 (Sunday):
Yesterday I started the family Christmas letter and started work on several projects - Brynn's Christmas Dress and Blair's Activity Book. Sorry, there just wasn't anything photo-worthy yet.

Day 12 (Today):
Today I finished the Christmas letter, but decided not to take a picture of the computer screen or the print version of the letter. If you want to see it, you'll have to make sure that you are on my Christmas card list!
So, there you go. Another boring Christmas list. But, now I can cross "Catch up on blogging" off of my list.
Merry Christmas

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~ Tandis ~ said...

Everything looks great! I'm impressed as usual. :) I'd love to see your Christmas top on you though. Your front door is cute!!! I don't have trouble with my blood sugar so you can drop any unwanted fudge off here. :)