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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Day 22

Day 22 brought the arrival of the last of my ordered presents. It's always a tense moment, waiting to see if everything arrives when it should. Thankfully, all my gifts have...but my Christmas photo has not. That took a grumpy email and a reorder, but my inbox tells me they should come tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers.
Day 22 also brought snow. While the two bigger kids were outside, Blair was my trusty side-kick. This is her favorite little cubby-hole/hiding spot.

I also finished my last hand-made gift today. It's a sort-of-a scrapbook for Brynn, called "The Princess Book."

If you've read here very much, you've probably become aware that Brynn loves all things Princess. However, I am not as enamored with the notion of princessness, because of the intense emphasis on beauty and outward appearance. When Ian was really into Knights, I could easily find him stories that encouraged positive traits like honor and bravery and courage. If you search for books on Princesses, you get make-up manuals and fashion magazines. So, that's when I decided to make my own.

I bought tons of pink paper, stickers, and sparkly stuff. Then I picked some positive traits that I would love Brynn to develop: kindness, obedience, and being polite among others, and found Bible verses, poems, and stories (some modified) to illustrate those traits. I'm pretty happy with it, and I hope Brynn will be too. Merry Christmas!


~ Tandis ~ said...

What a wonderful idea for Princess Brynn. To turn it into a teaching opportunity!!

Jamie said...

What a good idea! Your handmade gifts are very impressive...I didn't get to nearly as many handmade/sewn things as I wanted to this year (and I only have 1 kid to work around). Kudos to you!

Jessica said...

What a great idea and what an excellent opportunity to instill some princessly virtue. I can't wait to see it.