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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Day 20 & 21

I think yesterday and today were the calm before the blizzard of Christmas. We took things a bit easier on the Christmas front - but that is not to say that we weren't busy.

Yesterday was still a school day - probably the last until after New Years. By coincidence, for our Bible lessons the past few days, we reached the section of the book on Christmas. Yesterday's story was Herod's "Slaughter of the Innocents" and I found myself choking up as I read. I don't often get that way when I read (as a former "history major" my reading in violence and atrocities is fairly extensive), so it really got me thinking. While people have done terrible things to each other throughout history, hurting and killing children has always been considered an extreme and utterly disgusting thing to do. People do not forget or forgive that sort of horror. Yet Herod was willing to sink to that depth to protect his unthreatened throne. Even at the very beginning of His life, people couldn't tolerate the very idea of Jesus. It is a very sobering thought during this joyful season.
Today was MOPS Day, although it wasn't a typical MOPS day. Instead of our usual meeting, we gathered at Libby's House - a Senior Care facility - and spent an hour singing Christmas Carols and handing out cards. Hearing a bunch of squeaky preschoolers sing Christmas songs is enough to make even the grumpiest crack a smile.

After singing, we moved on to decorating Christmas cookies. This job is a lot less painful when you share the "fun" with a bunch of other moms and kids.

Oh, and our day wouldn't have been complete if I had forgotten to mention that Brynnie's glasses arrived. So far she is quite willing to wear them.

Merry Christmas!


Jessica said...

Beautiful. :)

Jessica said...

I forgot to mention that I appreciated your thoughts in the first section of your blog.