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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Day 6

Yesterday, Ian spotted some white specks that MIGHT have been snow. We are walking out of the library, and he started screaming with excitement. Some passersby got quite a chuckle! It made me think about how much we look forward to things and how excited we get when our wishes are finally fulfilled. This train of thought eventually made me wonder how Mary must have felt as she waited for the birth of her baby - a baby she knew was special. She must have been so nervous as she waited and wondered what this baby would be like. She certainly had no idea that the time she waited for would become a holiday called Christmas, celebrated around the world.

While my thoughts may have turned to things spiritual, Ian's thoughts stayed fixed on snow. So, today we made snowmen....from marshmallows and candy. First, I made an example so the kids would know what to do.

Then I turned them loose. I have no idea how many supplies ended up in their tummies, but I think it was quite a few pieces.

The kids' versions turned out quite different from mine. Ian got frustrated when his traditionally shaped snowman kept tipping over, so he created a base. He takes after his engineer father. Then he decided to dress things up a bit by having his snowman roast marshmallows over a fire. Being a good firefighter, he made a bucket of water to have nearby, just in case. Brynn decided to copy her brother's idea of stabilizers, but ate the marshmallow parts instead. They had fun and I got some VERY creative snowmen for on top of my microwave. In the end, these were all that was left of my candy and marshmallows:
Merry Christmas!


~ Tandis ~ said...

My guess is this will be their favorite project yet out of the Christmas countdown. :) Yum! I'da gotten out my hot-glue-gun and glued the bottom one to a graham cracker for a s'more looking base like you see in the store.

Jamie said...

Your kids are too funny :-)

Jessica said...

So clever! A bucket of water and a firepit.

amalison said...

I LAUGHED at thos pictures of the marshmellow guys. SO funny!